Investigation and Development. I + D

I + D

We have a multidisciplinary and collaborative innovation model with clients, educational centers, universities, organizations and collaborators. The objective is to create a synergy of ideas for needs that may arise. Differentiating ourselves in an increasingly competitive sector must be our premise and company philosophy. It is not enough to do it well and better.

Therefore, with our participatory I & D model, we look for new segments and opportunities where our experience can provide a plus. In this search arise needs that we study, analyze and create to cover them. In many occasions we have an idea or know a concrete need for a service or product, but day by day at the company it is impossible to devote time to study that need or the structure of the company is such that it is very difficult to promote the project. It also happens on other occasions that we are specialists and experts in some specific areas but we have shortcomings in others that are very important to compose and obtain the service or product that we have in mind.

The functionality of the I & D model that we provide is:

  • To join companies which supply those shortcomings that we have to give exit to the project.

  • Take advantage of our manageable and flexible company structure to coordinate, study, assess possible needs or implement the service or product in a short period of time.

    We live in an increasingly connected world. Where not only increases the internet of things, if not the number of these, with the exponential increase in population. We must not leave aside the insecurity of the population in the face of threats and terrorist attacks, which take advantage of the network systems to organize, operate and extract information. For that reason, now and more than ever, we must begin to collaborate to mitigate, cover and anticipate the movements of the sector and the needs of the population and users.

    We started with computers and satellites passing through telephones, and nowadays, we already interact with the connectivity of military weapons, cars, houses or drones, among many others. Therefore, the cybersecurity sector must adapt to new challenges, services and needs. The world changes very fast and we must be quicker to anticipate and position ourselves in the sector with a complete and integral service or product.