Brand Tracking


What is said about your brand on social networks? What is the perception of the users before your products and services, as well as the messages that you transmit?

Companies are aware of the importance of being present in social networks and in the network in general, but not so much of the value of knowing they speak of them, not only of our brand, product, organization or business, if not, of our profile, nickname or even our immediate environment.

Knowing where we are being named in news, comments, opinions and events related to our activity sector, our competence, our customers or our suppliers, both products and services, can be very useful. Knowing what, when, where and how we talk about our brand always has to be very important.

Competitive advantages for your company.

  • Crisis management: Networks provide customers a direct access to complaints channel instantly. You can manage conversations and comments with a two-way dialogue and interact with customers.

  • Identify the influence of the brand on the media: If you have high influence on blogs and forums, it will help you to see the volume of entries, mentions, posts and comments.

  • Interact with clients and networks: It will let you know if your conversations and their contents are having impact on the target audience that you want to reach. You will be able to know what kind of conversations consumers have, the image of your brand and in which product or service of your company focus more conversations or comments.

  • Creative and advertising impact: To know what impact your advertising campaign is having, know how it is positioning, if the message is reaching the right target, if it is resonating in the audience or if it is having the opposite effect and if the platforms that are being used are working.

  • Up to your competitors' day: Monitoring conversations and comments about your sector to identify who is your competition in the social space. What is the positive or negative response?