Advisory and Product Commercialization

Advisory and Product Commercialization

The advisory is the first step to solve the challenges, doubts, uncertainties and questions you may have about how to protect your security infrastructure and network system. That is why we want to accompany you in this important step, because it will determine the direction to follow in the work, setting goals to reach a good protection of network systems and organizational strategies.

Advisory combines our knowledge and experience along with the skills of your company to achieve:

  • Reduction of operational costs.

  • Greater knowledge of the current situation and dangers.

  • Improvement in performance

  • Work automation.

  • Improvement of the company's performance.

  • Study of new solution possibilities.

  • Optimization of resources.

  • Simplification of problems.

  • Advisory in Criminal Law and Criminal Liability of the Company.


How many times have you needed legal advice about an incident? In many cases is not enough to identify and eliminate the threat or attack that you have suffered in your company or organization, but at certain moments we need to know what legal and criminal actions we can take to solve the root incident.

You must use all the existing information in the legal field to do prevention and not see yourself in a delicate situation that complicates more than usual. And it is that, the Boards of Administration, Administrators and High Direction of companies, among others, need understanding on the penal situation of the companies of technological origin that facilitate the communication with Jurists and Technologists for the elaboration of prevention strategies.

The new Information and Communication Technologies are the basis of the birth of what we call the New Technological Crime.

The criminal offenses, acquire new nuances that will be equally presumable in other criminal types, such as grooming, sexting, happy slaping, cyberbullying, cyber espionage, crimes against online reputation, etc. . We are talking today of multiple versions of crime, which until now had been analog and now has become unpredictable from the digital point of view.

The methodology of this consultancy consists on the combination of the legal part and the security audit, of a technical-informatics part of systems architecture. The content that we develop, advise and study are:

  • Criminal liability of the company..

  • Responsibilities caused by the use of the Internet and digital media.

  • Electronic Certification and Digital Proof.

  • Weaknesses in the exchange of information and tools to preserve authenticity.

  • Importance of the implementation of policies and fundamental processes in security.

  • Need for compliance of basic regulations: LOPD and ISO.

  • National Security Scheme.


    No organization survives without products, whether developed by the company or by third parties. From Andubay we want to provide you the advice of the ideal product for your company, we market it and supervise it for preventive tasks. We make a comparison and scrutiny between all products and manufacturers until you find yours. Among which are:

  • Firewalls / UTM.

  • SIEM / Intrusion detection systems.

  • Antivirus / Antispam.

    Having a reliable Firewall, SIEM or Antivirus is essential for a highly secure network. Networks support crucial and sensitive applications and processes. We must protect network infrastructures in all existing areas and methods. That way we can be safe from unnecessary and unexpected risks.