Annual Cybersecurity Plan

Annual Cybersecurity Plan

We study your organization intimately in order to propose a maintenance in Cybersecurity, with it, we will get the plan or the proposal that adjust to its size and specific needs. Optimizing to the maximum the resources contributed by both parties. The functionality of the service is based on the prevention and the periodic review of the security systems of the structure of the company to keep your organization safe.

The benefits of this annual integral plan or system come through two main routes.

  • Keep your network structure up to date with no malicious intentions when obtaining information, privileges or other interests of third parties, with the peace of mind and speed of response it entails.

  • With a residual cost, we will achieve economic stability, since an emergency before a security incident can cause us not only loss of information, economic damages, etc ... if not, we must add the cost of incident response to solve and remedy the vulnerability.

    Among the comprehensive maintenance services to your company's security system structure, you can find:

    Perimeter and web audit.This analysis analyzes the degree of security offered to external entrances. Vulnerabilities of computer systems, junk email accounts (SPAM) by people who want to enter our system. With a good maintenance of the perimeter structure, we will have a first containment barrier for possible threats from the outside, thus making contagion difficult.

    Review of Firewall / UTM configurations and other products. A maintenance, provide the update and proper functioning of computer systems and network structures, without fear of new threats not planned or studied. At the same time, it will give us a necessary and valuable time to act on the threat, but in this elapsed time, our network structure and system has been compromised in a harmful and serious way.

    Training/Awareness. The technical training initiatives focused on the teams responsible for the management of the computer structure and on the other hand the conciliation of more informative profile are key to prevent and act quickly in the face of a hostile intrusion towards the system of your company. These campaigns try to involve all the personnel of the company, so that, each one, in his position and function knows how to react, mitigate the threats.

    Reporting. The preparation of management reports is a complex activity that must employ multiple systems and information resources developed in daily work. This work is essential for the exhaustive control of the system. In most cases and because of the limited availability of time and its difficulty, companies stop working on the preparation of these reports. Information is power. So that with more information ordered, classified and processed, there is greater power to resolve conflicts in the systems.